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27 July 2005 @ 08:02 pm
Here's the hair color corrected version of jedahl as well. I'll get it uploaded to the website tomorrow. ^_^

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27 July 2005 @ 07:50 pm
Okie doke...finally got the scanner working so I can at least show off the b&w sexier version of Stillettofem. :D

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26 July 2005 @ 11:57 am
Okie doke...currently working on the requested "sexier" version of stillettofem.

I've put pages up for the other groups (i.e. New Dawn, Rat Pack) that I made onto the site now too.

I will be working on a section for "Headquarters" that will have pictures of the various groups locations and descriptions for each. :)
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25 July 2005 @ 09:43 am
Okie doke...I now have the page up for agraywitch and also have pages up for my other creations of "Bell Book & Candle" and "Valkyrie Force."

Also, I would like to issue a warm welcome to harmonystarr, the creative writer and (not to be underestimated) signifigant other of jedahl who has joined us to lend a creative hand in the story writing. Thanks so much for showing an interest and joining us! :D

Also, harmonystarr now has her own page in the Villains category. ;D
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25 July 2005 @ 01:38 am
Who's been taking my name in vein and who should I bite? :)

Anyway, hey y'all. Harmony here...Jed's nemesis/wife/pain in the ass. Jed badgered me fiercely (he did, really, the poor little creature will never be the same again!) and, thus, I am here.

Syreene, whatever you need me to help with, I'll do my best. I have an idea kicking around, and I'll try and write up something and post it here when I get the chance.
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24 July 2005 @ 04:54 pm
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22 July 2005 @ 08:26 pm
Okie doke...for those of you who might have read my posts about the various other groups and facilities I created for super heroes in the past, here are some of the pics I did of them at the time. The b&w ones are of the two buildings, Physical Innovations and Kinnessa Labs. The color ones are labeled with each of their team names, I believe, except the last one which is the witchy trio of Bell, Book and Candle. Eventually I will get these touched up and add them to the Project continuity. ^_^









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This was a rather thick creation I made about the hosptial for super-powered individuals. It was created by a core group of powered women that had formed a group called "Valkyrie Force" (cheesy, I know...I was young at the time) and decided to use their skills in the normal world to help their powered bretheren.

Within the hospital there are a number of "normal" characters as well as a few patients, and some patients that banded together to form their own group, "New Dawn." The following is a listing of all the characters, and I already have pictures and histories for almost all of them (just need to scan them in so I can make pages).

The CharactersCollapse )
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22 July 2005 @ 08:49 am
Okie doke...I've found my old character books and I have few groups that I am going to add to the Justice Project Universe in order to fill things out a bit. Some of them I can use as more villains, others as good NPC groups and facilities that can be used or encountered by the main characters. I will gradually work on scanning them all in so I can add them to the website:

As to villainous groups, I have these to add:
  • Sub Rosa: an ice wielding villain
  • Magmus: A lava wielding villain

    ~Fallen Angels~
  • Rift: A teleporter
  • Heretic: Strong man w/ magical gauntlets
  • Sapphire: Crystal Manipulator
  • Firefall: Flame Manipulator
  • VR: Illusions/Computers

    **Balance: Vigilante w/ Power Negation Touch

**While Balance isn't exactly a villain, she's kind of like Scourge from Marvel Comics if you ever read about that character. When the balance is disrupted between good and evil in the world of the super powered, she goes out, removes their power and then them to restore the balance.
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21 July 2005 @ 11:40 am
Okay...changing the idea around a little bit for this story.

The Elemental Coven will be formed of:

Athena convinces Depraved Angel, Sinful_stiches and Yummyteece to leave the coven to form the Dark Guild where the will conduct the ultimate summoning of power so that they may rule the world.

Holy Dragon gathers those who are left and tells them they must recast the elements so that they may band together and summon the elemental_fey as the Earth's protector against the Dark Guild's evil. But where are they to get replacements for Darkness, Air, Fire and Water?

Meanwhile, phantomparadise, a phasing cat burglar, happens to try and steal from the wrong place and interrupts the ritual the Dark Guild was conducting to summon their power. The ritual goes wrong as their powers are corrupted. Athena and Sinful Stiches are disfigured with batwings and horns, Yummyteece loses her eye, and Depraved Angel is taken over by the malignant spirit of a Fallen One.

Athena detects the unlucky Phantom, and sends out demonic creatures into the night to capture her. Sinful Stitches, however, does not tell the others that the changes to her form have caused her to have a change of heart. She goes out to search for Phantom, but to save her from the creatures. They have battles with the creatures and end up making their way back to the Elemental Coven where Phantom informs them of what she saw and Sinful Stitches begs for forgiveness and acceptance back in the Coven.

Holy Dragon informs Stitches that her powers have changed, however...and she can no longer be the Water Mage. But perhaps she could be the new Dark Mage? Phantom is also informed by Holy Dragon that she posesses innate abilities with air that giver her her phasing powers...perhaps she could be the new Air Mage?

Blairwitch Green and Agraywitch go out to search for a roaming man rumored to have the powers over water...as in i_am_stillwater.

Unfortunately for them, Depraved Angel has something to say about that...

Graywitch has the abilities of balance...could he summon the powers of fire to complete the circle?

Various battles occur, people get trained, etc. and the new coven will manage to summon Elemental Fey to the final battle of Darkness vs. Light.

(*side note: minerva_fan will be saved by Elemental Fey during one of the battles and later become Fey's girlfriend)
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